Julius Jooste To Showcase As Cardano Center Cape Town's Inaugural NFT Artist

CAPE TOWN, 15 September 2023: Cardano Center Cape Town proudly announces the digital art visionary Julius Jooste as their first-ever featured artist to unveil an NFT collection on 6 October 2023. Concurrently, the Center will introduce its premier series of workshops aimed at Artists, Galleries, and Collectors.

With a mission to elevate and empower the artistic community, the Cardano Center seeks to integrate modern Web3 technologies, thereby establishing Cape Town's leading NFT gallery. Central to this goal are workshops intended to nurture and guide artists, collectors, and galleries through the transformative digital art landscape.

About Julius Jooste

About Julius Jooste

Julius Jooste is no ordinary artist. With roots in Roodepoort and educated in South Africa's eminent institutions, Jooste's artworks are a testament to his diverse and cosmopolitan influences. Since his 2021 artistic debut, he has emerged as a beacon of "art as therapy", earning accolades not just as a digital artist but also as an educator and humanitarian.

Exhibition Highlights

Cardano Center NFT Exhibition

Julius's showcase will comprise a unique five-piece NFT collection along with his existing prominent art, presented both as NFTs and Framed Fine Art prints. Patrons can acquire these masterpieces online via a dedicated Cardano Center landing page or view them through high-resolution digital displays on-site. Furthermore, an immersive virtual reality gallery experience awaits art aficionados on Spatial.io.

Event Schedule

The entire showcase journey begins with an exclusive First Thursday Event on 5 October, culminating in a grand closing party on 27 October. The event-packed weekend from 6-8 October promises engagement opportunities through live sessions and a series of workshops focusing on NFT & Web3 for distinct audience segments. Notably, post-event activities from 10-28 October provide multiple learning avenues, including recurrent "Photography as Meditation" workshops. 


Event Weekend:


(Kindly note that the schedule is provisional and subject to change.)

Intended Audience

This avant-garde initiative primarily targets Career Creatives, encompassing both Higher-Educated Creatives with formal training and Street Artists renowned for their impeccable skills. The Cardano Center also welcomes Brick-And-Mortar Galleries, Academic Institutions, and Corporate Clients to partake in this revolutionary transition to Web3 and NFTs.

The Cardano Center cordially invites all art enthusiasts and stakeholders to witness this transformation and embark on a journey into the future of art.

Press Contact:

John-Patrick van Rensburg