Crafting Progress Together: Cardano Center & Able-Pool

Collaboration often springs from shared visions and humble beginnings. This is the story of how the Cardano Center, a dedicated hub for blockchain education and community in Cape Town, found an ally in Able-Pool, a Cardano stake pool with a heart firmly rooted in meaningful, sustainable aid.

A Connection Forged in Shared Values

When Mike Hornan from Able-Pool reached out with an offer to donate 200 ADA from every block minted each epoch, it was more than just a generous financial proposition. It symbolized an understanding and respect for our mission to educate and uplift the local community through insights and applications of the Cardano blockchain. And showcased their dedication to the ecosystem. 

This wasn't just about the funds. It was about linking arms with a team that recognized the potential impact of enabling and empowering through education and access to technology.

Able-Pool: Walking the Talk

Able-Pool’s mission pivots on making a tangible difference. Choosing to focus their efforts on parts of Africa, their goal is not to provide mere short-term relief but to empower communities towards sustainable self-sufficiency. This involves providing them with high-quality tools to optimize their trade skills and gradually introducing them to the Cardano blockchain, thereby providing a robust platform to grow their ventures.

They don’t just stop at action; they take meticulous steps to ensure transparency in their financial dealings, providing a clear view of where and how funds are utilized, and fostering trust within the community that supports them.

The Ripple Effect: Our Joint Endeavor

Our partnership amplifies our shared belief that blockchain technology, and specifically Cardano, should be accessible and beneficial to all, irrespective of their geographical or socio-economic position. The ADA from Able-Pool won’t just be utilized as funds. They will be strategically invested into our ongoing and upcoming educational initiatives, NFT workshops for artists, and various activities that aim to bridge the gap between theoretical blockchain knowledge and practical application.

We want this to be a journey that everyone can witness and be a part of. Our wallet, open for all to view, will ensure that the story of every ADA is shared – showcasing how each unit of currency is utilized in fuelling a dream, empowering an artist, or educating a community. We will also post regular social posts around events, training and any relevant interactions. 

A Thank You Note from Us to All

In Able-Pool, we found more than just a donor. We found a friend, a partner, and a fellow believer in the power of collaborative impact. This is not just a celebration of our partnership but also an acknowledgement of the power of collective action.

Our actions, funds, and impacts will be shared transparently, narrating a collective story of empowerment, education, and progression underpinned by the practical use and application of blockchain technology.

We’re grateful not just for the ADA but for the belief in our mission, the support of our initiatives, and the trust in our actions. Here's to many more blocks, many more ADA, and many more empowered individuals, crafting a future where technology and humanity move forward hand in hand.

Note: Keep an eye on our updates, where we’ll share stories, impacts, and details of shared with all.

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